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Jagadish Ramamoorthi

Allsec Technologies
Co-Founder & CEO
Jagadish Ramamoorthi is the co-founder and CEO of the Chennai-based Allsec Technologies. With over
20 years in the Outsourcing industry, he has established Allsec as India’s largest digital HRO provider.
Jagadish currently manages the CLM and the HRO businesses at Allsec.
Jagadish started his career as a finance professional in Ashok Leyland, where he picked up skills of the
trade in the financial services and after 5 years cofounded the financial services business along with
Adi Saravanan and ran the consulting business for over a decade. Allsec Financials also grew in the
stock broking and advisory services with a category 1 merchant banking license and Allsec was a
successful name in the financial services business.
In 2000 the outsourcing services company was started and the 2 founders took hands on operational
roles in building the business as well as identifying new opportunities for growing in the services
Jagadish brings with him, over two decades of industry expertise, spanning markets in India and
overseas. He firmly believes that persistent hard work, and an undying passion for serving the
unarticulated needs of clients are what helps build a successful brand that stands the test of time.
Under his leadership, Allsec has flourished as a global brand, offering high-end business process
solutions, his passion on quality and cost control has always been an uncompromising part of Allsec’s
offering and together with the adoption of technology has stood Allsec in good stead and has brought
significant savings as well as superior delivery to its customers..
Jagadish continues to anchor, sustain and continuously enhance service excellence at Allsec. Jagadish
is a Charted Accountant (CA) by training and a certified Cost and Management Accountant from
London. Apart from his corporate duties, Jagadish is also an avid golfer. He also makes time to read
extensively both fiction and non-fiction and also listens to south Indian classical and film music